1959 Chevy Apache: BROTHERS Testimonial

Here’s a story from a happy customer. Check out our website at http://brotherstrucks.com for any of your classic truck parts needs.

“We recently restored this 1959 Chevy Apache for Doug and Karol Raney from Wallace NE. Doug’s dad purchased it brand new and it was used for everything on the farm until 1971 when they put up a new metal building and retired the truck. Summer of 2011 we started the restoration, using mostly parts from you guys. Early this year we returned the pickup to her very excited owners. She has 73,000 original miles and rides really nice according to Doug who has been making trips to town, going to parades, and will be attending Colonel Codys Cruise Show & Shine in September!

Thank you guys again for your great staff and quality parts!”

Scotty White,

Scotty White Rods & Restorations

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