1963-1972 Blazer/Suburban Gas Tank Installation


  • Candelario C. Becerra says:

    I have a 1962 chevy c-10, the spare tire carrier has been removed. Can I you this tank in my truck, it’s already set up for a side fill tank.

  • Johnny says:

    How many gallons does this hold?

  • Donn says:

    do you also sell this tank in the poly?

  • randy says:

    i have 71 c10 does this kit comes with the necessary fuel lines or do I need to buy a kit for it?

  • Steve says:

    top fill tank, any diagrams and/or directions where to drill fill hose hole? I would like to have this done prior to mounting the bed. Just trying to keep it simple. (1966 swb fleetside)

    • BROTHERS says:

      Unfortunately there is no standard on where to drill the holes because it could be slightly different on each application. It is recommended to mount the bed first, then drill the holes to make sure they are right on. You wouldn’t want to mount everything then find out that the hole is slightly off alignment.

  • Michael Liljenquist says:

    will these work for 63-66 suburban/carry all?

  • Esteban Gonzalez says:

    How much clearance is there from the tank to the floor. I have a 72 chevy pickup long bed. The tank look pretty close to the floor on the picture!

    • BROTHERS says:

      The example above is using the side-fill tank. Yes, it is close to the floor (similar to everything else at the bottom of the truck). The side-fill tank sits above the frame-rail by approximately 3/4″ to 1″. The top-fill version of the tank fits flush with the top of the frame-rail.

      • Garcia says:

        Do I have to cut into the bed Rails or will it fit flush with no cuting on the side mount gas tabk.

      • Rusty says:

        So the top fill hangs lower? 1970 C10 with -4″ Coil springs. Do you think I will have the clearance with either tank?
        Thank you

      • Charles Tharp says:

        Staying with the same question, I have a 70 LWB that I want to use your conversion kit to move it from a LWB to a SWB and add the C-Notch kit. If I end up lowering the truck 5 1/2 inch’s how close will the tank be off the ground? If there a better tank to use when lowering the truck? Does this tank hang lower then the rear bumper?

        • BROTHERS says:

          We have this exact conversion on our Project Eighteen8 we built last summer. You will have no ground clearance issues with the tank once the truck is lowered and shortend. As a mater of fact, our video on YouTube shows us installing the tank on Eighteen8 AFTER it was already shortened and lowered, so you will be able to see the answer to your question. Here’s a link to the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQ33sH3unFA

  • DANIEL Fierro says:

    Does the sending unit that comes whit it work for a tbi engine?

    • BROTHERS says:

      1960-66 comes with a 30 ohm sending unit. The 67-72 comes with a 90 ohm. There are no provisions for a pump so you’ll have to run an external pump. Hopefully this helps but if you have additional questions please give us a call.

  • Don says:

    I have a 1966 suburban carryall and would like to upgrade the gas tank to a larger one with internal fuel pump and return inlet for a fuel injection conversion I am planning. Do you have a tank that could be used for this purpose?

    • BROTHERS says:

      Unfortunately we do not have a larger tank for that specific purpose. Please give us a call to discuss this. The aluminum 63-72 truck gas side fill tank could possibly work for your application, but it would be best to call & we can figure out the best options for you.

  • sam Pearson says:

    I have a 1968 Long Bed stepside Truck. The top fill tank I received from you seems to have a conflict with a frame cross member behind the original rear end. The cross member seems to be removable since it is not as rigid as the frame rails. Is this usual in this instillation? If frame cross member is removed is there any significant problem that may occur.

    • BROTHERS says:

      The spare tire crossmember needs to be removed for installation and will not affect the rigidity of the frame rails.

  • Joel turner says:

    What are the dimensions of the tank?

  • marlin says:

    On a side fill how far does the tank hang below the bottom of the frame?

  • Mark Jeske says:

    Got a 66 C10 pickup. Would like to replace present gas tank with one to go under the bed. Will these tanks work? And which would be better- side fill or bed fill?

    • BROTHERS says:

      We offer several options for converting to a rear mount gas tank. You can give us call at 800-977-2767 and we can discuss the specific differences.

  • Dale Lawless says:

    I have already purchased the under-bed tank (pt. #GTPDS66) several years ago and was unable to see any possible mounting configuration that would not interfere with the bed cross member directly beneath the wooden floor of my ’66 short-wide. I even stacked 2″ spacer blocks between the frame rail and the tank flange to lower the tank. No-Go. short of approaching a competent welder to refabricate the overall depth of the tank, I am totally stymied. Any help would be appreciated.

    • BROTHERS says:

      You will need to take a section out of the interfering bed cross sill to allow the gas tank to seat against the bottom of the frame so the straps will connect. If you need assistance, give us a call at 800-977-2767.

  • Fernando Perez says:

    Will this tank fit on a 1969 G20 Sportvan?

  • tony zavala says:

    how will the sending unit wire connect to existing original wire?

  • Forest Kehl says:

    are you able see the tank hanging after install from behind the vehicle?

  • Forest Kehl says:

    on my 1967 chevy pickup , I was wondering if I install the 67-72 suburban gas tank if you can see it hanging down from behind the vehicle?

    • BROTHERS says:

      Yes, it can be view below the rear bumper. The tank was not designed for max ground clearance, if that is needed I would recommend one of our aluminum tanks. They measure only 9″ deep.

  • Abram Robles says:

    I bought a tank for my 72 c10 this weekend but the straps don’t seem right. Is it possible I got the wrong straps in my box?? They are a L shape black strap

  • Tony Taylor says:

    What size is the rubber hose for the fill neck

  • Alex says:

    Hi there,
    Do you have the measurements of the tank?

  • Joe says:

    I bought the top fill tank with fuel sender and mounting kit. I am just wondering what the small tube on the side is for. Thanks in advance.

    • BROTHERS says:

      It is a vent tube for expelling gas during fuel fill/sloshing. Connect a hose to it and mount it as high as possible with a loop to prevent fuel spilling during acceleration/cornering.

      • Brad Krause says:

        Regarding this vent tube, on my 63 C10 fleetside I added about 4″ of rubber hose and capped it off. When I fill the tank I experience bubble over and gurgling. Could this have been prevented if I had added a longer length of hose with a loop to the vent? Also, on another note, I have quite an amount of pressure in the tank when removing the cap to fill the tank. Is this normal? Should I have a vented cap? Thank you

        • BROTHERS says:

          If you are getting gurgling while filling and pressure when opening the cap, then the tank isn’t vented properly. Check your vent hose to make certain it’s open and not plugged off.

  • Kelly says:

    Dose the sending unit have the wiring kit with it or would i have to run wires to it.

  • Ross says:

    70 GMC LWB, After I installed the tank, I’m having problems getting fuel to the engine. What did I do wrong/not doing?

  • Juan Ponce says:

    I have a 1970 pickup truck the item description mentioned side fill only! Can it be mounted to any side? I need to mount it to the left side

  • Larry Anderson says:

    I just ordered your 64-65 Chev. Long bed too Short bed conversation kit is there anything else I need with this tank?

  • Scott Milgrom says:

    do you have instructions on installing it in a 1970 C-10? The straps i have seem to be wrong and I am trying to see if there is a step i am missing.

  • George Sharp says:

    Do you sell a side fill kit to go through side of bed for the side fill tank?

  • Jimmy says:

    Is there a standard place to cut the hole in the bed for the filler? Or is there some leeway on where it can be cut?

  • Markus says:

    Can eather one of the small connectors on the top be used as fuel return? Any diagram avaialble? I used one as breather the second is currently closed.

  • Mike says:

    Does it have a return port for efi

  • Arnie Shakotko says:

    I just ordered this tank to go in our 70 GMC lb. thinking of installing a fuel injection kit on the truck, but will require a return line. Can I just use the vent inlet?

  • John Lauglin says:

    Do you have a tank for a 1968 C10 Panel truck? Will the stock aluminum tank for a Suburban fit? If not, what are the differences? When I look at the still mounted tank in the panel and the pictures of the new tank, they look very similar if not exact.

  • tony zavala says:

    hi if I purchase the side fill kit.can the fill tube still be mounted on the bed itself or no?

  • tony zavala says:

    also what is shipping cost to zip 93927?

  • Wayne Wink says:

    I recently brought a side fill gas tank from Brothers and when dry fitting it the side mount holes line up but the tabs coming through the holes hit the frame and won’t allow the tank to sit flush. Was the design to have the tabs come through the holes on the frame or be cut off flush. Also the bed cross brace will hit the tank when I reinstall the bed. Any suggestions on this issue? Has someone make a bed cross member to clear the tank and not loose the strength of the original design?

  • Rob Greer says:

    I can not seem to get the fuel sender to work? Any suggestions?

  • Arnie Shakotko says:

    I purchased this tank for a relocate of the original in cab on our 1970 GMC truck. It is the side fill model, and I’m curious about any suggestions for filler installs.

  • Elfrem hill says:

    Does your aftermarket in-frame gas tank conversions come in polypropylene or are they only in steel ? The last inframe tank that I purchased from y’all only lasted a few years before it rusted and started to leak fuel out ? I don’t want to go with another steel one if I will only get a few years of use out of it ..

    • BROTHERS says:

      No, they are steel only. If you have quality problems, please contact our Customer service Dept. if you experience issues.

      • Kris says:

        I’m interested in getting this tank for my c10. The set up I have for my suspension is the porterbuilt extreme. Where pretty much the frame sits on the ground when it’s aired out. I notice. The tank is installed from the bottom of the chassis and it stick down below the chassis. I’m worried about the clearnece when the truck is air out . Would it be an issue if I install it from the top of the chassis . So that way the bottom of the tank we’ll be even with the
        chassis. And the top of the tank would be sticking up on the top of chassis. The floor of my bed we’ll be raised. So I woundt have an issue with that.

  • Brian Dowell says:

    It says in the first paragraph “installing a filler neck assembly as described below.” I don’t see where you’re describing that. How can I see that process?

  • Steve Johnson says:

    I have a 1966 C20 what is the side mount I need ? and where does the filler neck come out at ? drivers side or passenger side, above, below or through the frame? What is shipping to 37825 ?

  • Randy halseth says:

    I have a 64 stepside I bought a full tank.
    It’s a side fill. I can’t get it to fit. The angle of the fill port Ned’s to be modified or something? Also the on line directions are for a poly tank not a steel tank. The directions are for a dirfferent vehicle

    • BROTHERS says:

      check out the recent video we posted of the installation of a steel side fill tank, that might be helpful for you. If that doesn’t answer your questions, contact customer service at 800-977-2767.

  • Enzo and EJ says:

    I have a 72 Cheyenne and would like to relocate the gas tank to the back. Got my 8 year old son a way form electornics, and now all he what’s it to keep working on it. Not sure on what gas tank we need and what kind of fuel lines do we need?

    • BROTHERS says:

      We have a few options when it comes to rear tank conversions. It’s mainly going to come down to how you want to fill the tank once you’ve relocated it to the back. Through the bed is the most simple, but our side fill tank is our most popular. Check them out on our website and decide whats best for you. It might also be helpful to watch our install videos on the top fill and side fill tanks before you make your decision. Product link: https://www.brotherstrucks.com/Custom-Gas-Tanks/products/2175/

  • Denis says:

    I have a 63 Chevy stepside…..the width between the inside of the frame is 28 inches. Will the top fill tank fit ?

  • Ruben says:

    Does the tank hang real low? My truck is lowered 3 inches in the front and 5 in the back I just dont want it to hit. Just need to know the dimensions before I buy.

    • BROTHERS says:

      We offer two versions of this setup and neither of them would be too low for a 3″/5″ drop. Our top fill tank is the shallowest version and the side fill tank is the deeper of the offerings, you’ll be fine with either. Please check out our YouTube install videos of these tanks and you can see how low they hang once installed. YouTube Links:
      Side Fill: https://youtu.be/orfmf9YlFak
      Top Fill: https://youtu.be/iIKwVVUWj7g

  • Tony says:

    I’m looking to do a filler behind the liscense plate. Is there enough clearance between the filler and the bed to use the top fill tank for that?

    • BROTHERS says:

      There is room, but a license plate filler is impossible due to the height of the gas tank once installed between the frame rails. The tank would be above the filler neck and the fuel would have to run uphill to get in the tank.

  • Brian says:

    What are the dimensions of this tank?

    • BROTHERS says:

      This tank measures 26″ wide (side to side), 13″ deep (top to bottom and 17″ long (front to rear), with a capacity of 21 gallons.

  • Blake says:

    Is this considered an EFI tank?

  • Caleb Voirol says:

    I’m installing this tank on a 1969 Suburban. Will any modifications be needed to be made for fitment and fuel filler hook up? Thanks

    • BROTHERS says:

      Yep, the b\Blazer tank has a short straight neck coming out of the tank, your Suburban has a long’ish (8″-10″) “S” shaped neck. You will have to get creative in order to attach to you existing fill. It can be done with some ingenuity and the right hoses.

  • John says:

    I purchased your side fill tank and watched the installation video which only covers how to put the tank between the frame rails. This was very helpful but for me it wasn’t complete. I don’t know where each port goes to. I know the filler neck needs a hose and I plan to go through the side marker light. I know the fuel line goes to the pump. But where does the other two ports go to??

    • BROTHERS says:

      The other ports are for vents and returns. Most tanks will need a vent tube to fill and empty properly without creating an airlock or a vapor lock, the return is optional depending on your application.

  • Jose says:

    Does this tank come with a fuel return line port from mechanical pump ?

    • BROTHERS says:

      It has a vent port you could use, but it’s not specifically meant for a return line. However, this is a flat top tank, so you could easily add another port for return or add one to the sending unit.