1967-1972 One Piece Window Installation


  • Jerry Santini says:

    I am planning on purchasing your one-piece window conversion kit and new window regulators for my 1972 C-10. Washington state requires more that 24% light transmission. Does your medium tint windows meet this requirement? Also are there any additional items you recommend I purchase for this installation? Thank You for your help….

    • BROTHERS says:

      Our tint is similar to 35%, so you would be better off getting clear and having it tinted to a legal level by someone local. We always recommend you add a power window kit because it’s nice to have, but it’s up to you.

  • Marcel Mason says:

    Dose this kit work on blazers without wind noise
    Or it for c10

  • joe killoren says:

    I purchased your window kit approx8 to 10 years ago
    it takes along to restore a truck

    I need the inner and outer scrapers i had to trim the ones i had and cut them to short
    iam looking for two sets
    let me know the cost and time they can be sent

  • hank dixon says:

    Hi I need to put all the parts in my 1969 c10 step side doors I have replace the door and need to assemble all the hardware back is there any kind of video that shows how to put in new window parts this will be my first time doing this any help will be great


  • Mark Massingill says:

    Will this conversion work for 69-72 Blazer doors?

  • David says:

    A client has bought your kit for his 67 c10. It’s been a 3 year build so some of the parts are missing. Could you please send me a list of the parts and if possible pictures in color? Thanks

  • Jamie Allen says:

    Do you have detailed instructions on this entire process? The video and photos are good but still leave out needed detail. For example, how is the front division bar (front channel) secured? What does it attach to?

    • BROTHERS says:

      It is secured in by press fit at the top and a screw at the bottom where you drill the hole in the front door jamb. That’s also covered in the instructions and video as well. Please contact our customer service department if you have any more questions and we’ll walk you through it. 800-977-2767

  • cody barnes says:

    where can i find the detailed instrucions for the 67-72 window conversoin kit(non=-power)? I’ve lost mine.

  • I have a 1972 GMC pick up truck will this kit work on it?

  • Brent Stinnett says:

    I got my kit probably two months ago. The box was kind of messed up but everything seemed to be there. I took the window corner triangle pieces to get powder coated. Finally got them back today. One of the window glasses has a small scratch I found but I think it can be polished out. However I didn’t realize there were no “detailed instructions” in the box. Looked on your site and all I found was this. Can you email me a pdf file with instructions ?

  • Donald Moeser says:

    What pieces do I need to save from my existing hardware?

    • BROTHERS says:

      Don’t toss anything from the original hardware out until you have the kit completed and installed. You will be reusing or modifying a few of the OG parts.

  • Angelo says:

    Hi I need the one piece glass window scrapers & felts for my 1968 C10 that was modified years ago. Your video was great but you don’t make reference to how to buy the kit or various parts on your web site, your help would be appreciated. Cheers Angelo

    • BROTHERS says:

      Contact our customer service department to get replacement parts. We don;t sell them individually but they will be able to help you out.

  • Jimmie Kenyon says:

    I purchased the one piece glass and your power window kit. It’s the power kit that goes up and down. My 68c10 has suicide doors and I am having to fabricate the back channel. Do you have better puctures of your power unit and window channels installed.

    • BROTHERS says:

      Call the shop. We have a door here with the kit and can probably take a few pics of specifically what you need to help with your project.