2018 C10 Triple Crown Recap

We have a winner!  Jason Namkung of North Carolina took home the hardware for the 2018 C10 Triple Crown.  If you are unfamiliar with the C10 Triple Crown, it is three of the biggest and best C10 truck shows in the country all rolled into one.  The C10 Triple Crown kicked it off June 24th at the Grand Daddy of Truck Shows, the 20th Annual BROTHERS Chevy/GMC Show & Shine in beautiful Southern California.  Next was “The Largest C10 Gathering in the South” with C10s In The Park blowing the doors off historic Waxahachie TX September 15th.  The FINALE was November 16th where Cool meets Radass… it’s the one and only Dino’s Chevy Only Gitdown in Phoenix, AZ.

Once Jason heard about the C10 Triple Crown, he laid out a plan to accomplish showing his ’77 C10 named “The Brown Bagger” at all three shows in all three states.  Jason is a southern California native who moved to Show Low, AZ before starting work on his truck.  In the final stages of the build he relocated to North Carolina so the truck stayed behind in Phoenix, AZ.  To make it to the first leg at BROTHERS Show & Shine, Jason flew to AZ, thrashed on the “The Brown Bagger” for a few days and was on his way to Anaheim, CA.  After the show, Jason and the truck went back to AZ where he then flew back to NC.  C10s in the Park was the second leg and had a similar layout with Jason flying to AZ to get his truck and then on to Waxahachie Texas.  After the show, back to AZ and back to NC.  The final leg of the Triple Crown was by far the easiest with Jason flying into Phoenix AZ picking up “The Brown Bagger” and driving the final few miles to Dino’s Git Down.  Jason was not the only one to finish the 2018 C10 Triple Crown; in fact there were quite a few others but he represented the true spirit of the event.  Jason logged close to 3,000 miles driven with more than 11,000 miles total traveled to accomplish his goal.  Congratulations Jason and enjoy the hard-earned title, swag and custom C10 bench.      


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  • Mr C10 says:

    Congrats brother!! I’m happy for you. Well deserved!! Bad ass truck . Was happy to make the 1st leg of the trip with you in the brown bagger to brothers! Was def a great experience and an awesome show all the way from New York.

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