63-72 Chevy & GMC Truck SIDE Fill Rear Gas Tank Conversion Install

Direct Product Links:
1963-66 – https://www.brotherstrucks.com/63-66-REAR-MOUNT-GAS-TANK-SET-STEEL-SIDE-FILL/productinfo/GTPDS66/
1967-72 – https://www.brotherstrucks.com/67-72-REAR-MOUNT-GAS-TANK-SET-STEEL-SIDE-FILL/productinfo/GTPDS72/

TV host Dave Welch shows just how easy it is to mount a Blazer/Suburban style tank under the bed of your 1963-1972 Chevy or GMC in this complete installation video. This tank is specifically for use with a SIDE Fill system and leaves you with TONS of options for a custom fill location on your truck. Top Fill type tank conversions are also available at https://www.brotherstrucks.com/

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