Chevy’s & GMC’s FILL the Top10 in Hagerty’s Summer Vehicle Ratings

The red-hot popularity of trucks and SUVs has been going on for so long that Hagerty Auction Editor Andrew Newton resorted to using a nautical analogy to explain it: “High tide raises all boats.”

High tide indeed. It’s more like a tsunami.

Two generations of Chevrolet C/K Series trucks (1960–66 and 1973–87) tied for the No. 1 spot in the newest Hagerty Vehicle Rating, which tracks vehicles’ performance relative to the rest of the collector vehicle market. And just when it seemed we’d seen everything, the top 10 placeholders are trucks and SUVs, while another is tied for 11th. Fourteen of the Top 25 are trucks and SUVs.

“It’s one large segment of the market that has consistently seen broad value and interest growth,” Newton says. “Since trucks were cheap for a long time, they’ve had plenty of room to grow, and even as they’ve gotten pricier they remain affordable for the most part. I think that’s why the growth has been sustained.”

The Hagerty Vehicle Rating is based on a 0–100 scale. A 50-point rating indicates that a vehicle is keeping pace with the market overall. Ratings above 50 indicate above-average appreciation, while vehicles below a 50-point rating are lagging behind the market. The rating is data driven and takes into account the number of vehicles insured and quoted through Hagerty, along with auction activity and private sales results. The HVR is not an indicator of future collectability.

The 1960–66 and 1973–87 Chevrolet C/K Series trucks each have 97 points and are tied for the #1 spot, followed by the 1955–59 Chevrolet trucks ranking 4th with 95.

Five vehicles are tied for fifth with 94 points apiece: 1946–55 GMC New Design Series pickups, 1947–55 Chevrolet 3100 trucks, 1955–83 Jeep CJ-5, 1967–72 Chevrolet Suburban, and 1973–87 GMC C/K Series pickups. The 1973–91 Chevrolet C/K Blazer is 10th with 93 points, and the 1973–91 Suburban is tied for 11th with 92.

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