1947-59 Power Brake Installation

BROTHERS’ Power Brake Conversion is manufactured to work with drum/drum, disc/drum, or four-wheel disc applications; to keep things simple, we choose the first option, as the power assist would be enough in itself to bring the Stepside to a quick and safe halt. The cool thing about the kit is that it’s designed to bolt right onto the truck’s framerail with the only modification being the relocation of the emergency brake cable bracket, plus having to drill a couple holes. A minor bit of brake line bending and rerouting also comes into play, but the benefit the kit affords, it’s a piece of cake.

NOTE: This installation was performed on a ’55-’59 truck. The installation for trucks ’47-’54 is the same.


  • Darren Taniguchi says:

    will this power brake kit have clearance issues with a original 3speed manual transmission.

  • Michael says:

    I have a 1949 3800 dually stake bed with the SM420 toploader 4-speed (floor shift). There is not a transmission crossmember on this truck; only the rear engine mount at the front of the bellhousing. This is the 137 inch wheelbase truck. I’ve looked at this power conversion unit pics here and a youtube video install of your kit, as well as looking at the clearances under my truck. Since I have no shift linkage do deal with, my parking brake is a lever mount on the floor on the passenger side of the transmission, and the clutch linkage is all ahead of the stock master cylinder, I’m wondering why it would not work? Could you share the general dimensions of the assembled unit? Looking for the measurement from the brake pedal arm attachment point to the booster bracket, overall length of the assembled kit, and the width of the assembled kit at the booster. I can forward pictures if that would be helpful.

  • Luis Hernandez says:

    1954 3100 Chevy truck
    I’m using a 235 engine
    T5 trans
    disk front and back
    can you guys guide me in right direction
    I’m looking to purchase power brake kid for my truck

  • rudy says:

    My 59 is a original 3speed manual transmission that i’m converting to auto. I know i need to move the crossmember and the clutch bracket but the brakes (master cyl) is on a bracket too, sticking out from the frame. That’s not in your pictures. I assume that has to go and the new kit from you guys bolts to the actual frame?

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