1955-59 Chevy Dash Panel Restoration

How many times have you looked at an old stock beater that had the radio section of the dash all cut up for installation of an aftermarket radio? There are all kinds of holes for larger radio units and sometimes even plates to cover holes that didn’t quite match the newer unit. In ’55-’59 Chevy trucks, the center portion of the dash was set up for a small radio face and a raised, circular area at each end for knobs plus three more raised areas above the radio. What you see mostly is the radio opening enlarged to accommodate newer units, and in most cases, that opening overlaps into the raised circular areas, and the new knobs do not match up either. For truck owners who are reworking a vehicle that has a dash like this but want to return it to stock configuration, BROTHERS offers a patch panel that makes it easy. It is a job for someone who is a capable welder and grinder though. The tight area where this repair is done requires a skilled welder to butt-weld the panel into place and work it so it looks original. This is a great item for truck owners planning to restore their trucks or take them back to a mostly original state, but update the running gear. BROTHERS produces new radios in the form of the original Chevrolet unit. In this case, a stock-looking radio was chosen to create an up-to-date sound system. A BROTHERS cassette radio unit was selected for the dash, and a remote six-disc changer was mounted under the seat. Whether you want to take your Chevy truck back to its original condition or just clean it up and add a modem radio, components are available to allow that to happen. It will require good welding and grinding skills to make it happen.


  • Clark Gellings says:

    I am not a good welder/grinder – could I have the patch panel chrome plated and install it so as to cover the area. Anyone ever try this?

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