• Chet Clarke says:


  • bberan says:

    These are just excellent How To videos.

  • Mike_The_Grad says:

    What is the difference in difficulty for replacing the entire roof skin vs. Just parts of the roof skin? I’m getting ready to repair the outer roof skin of my 1972 c10. I have some patch panels cut from a replacement roof skin.

    • BROTHERS says:

      On the ’72, due to the drip rail configuration, it’s often easier to patch rather than replace the entire skin. We’ve done both with excellent success. You just need to assess your damage and decide what would be best for your own project. Good luck!

  • Skeeter Biltswitch says:

    Again a great demo and show of skills and experance.

  • Jon F Day says:

    Would putting bed liner or undercoating on the bare roof be ok before putting the new skin on ? Would act like a sound deadener rust proofing combo

  • nelson G. says:

    Hi Mr. David Welch,
    Would it be possible to have work on my 1954 GMC truck to replace the front suspension with a mustang ll front suspension I purchased at your shop Brothers?

  • Chris-2-4 says:

    I just watched a bunch of your videos and think it’s great what you’re doing.
    I have a 64 GMC that my Dad gave me and am planning to rebuild it with a lot of the things you have made videos of. One of the problems i have to address is, my doors are rust free, but pretty thrashed with dents and holes. I am planning to buy your doors skins someday. I have searched for videos of the skins being replaced but so far haven’t found any, other than for different types of cars.
    It would be awesome if you guys would make a video of someone installing one of your door skins on a 60-66 Chevy/GMC.

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