1963-1972 Front Suspension Rebuild


  • Doug Beckwith says:

    You guys need to get with David Welch and make a freaking video…. I am redoing my front end right now and a video would go way farther than white and black pictures…..

  • RL Clark says:

    Thank you a ton for this! I just bought my first project truck a 72 C10 long boy. A ton to learn. I’m in Franklin TN and there’s a lot of talent out here. Keep posting..and if you want to stop by and shoot an episode..the truck is in boxes and I could use some help…lol!

  • MJ Gordon says:

    In response to Doug for wanting a video, why? the black n white is pretty much cut n dry at least it was for me.

  • Lionel Duarte says:

    I agree with Doug a video of the entire process will be a lot more beneficial. Thanks

  • Charlie Brown says:

    I have a 62 corvair Rampside Chevy FC 95 GM truck, I think it is rated a heavy 1/2 ton but light weight with 5 lug Chevy wheels. any plans on supplying parts for them? I guess there is a lot interchangeable, if we only knew part numbers etc.. like front end brake conversions, and bushings and parts to rebuild suspensions.

  • Tom Green says:

    Well, Im thankful for the text provided with the black and whites. It tells you all you need to know, thanks again!

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