1973-87 Chevy & GMC Truck Urethane Control Arm Bushing Upgrade – C10/Squarebody

Your bushings are probably shot, so now is the time to upgrade to BROTHERS Urethane bushings to improve your ride and provide a long lasting solution. Classic Pickup Specialist David Welch shows us his step-by-step method you can use in your own garage to swap your original rubber bushings for urethane. Dave Welch is a classic truck Specialist and he’s got plenty of tricks for nearly every project on your classic! Find Dave’s videos and more for your classic on our website.


  • d namm says:

    I have a 63 GMC with metal bushings. Can I convert my truck to urethane bushings ?

    • BROTHERS says:

      Nope, unfortunately you’re stuck with the metal on metal bushings. It’s actually not a bad thing, it’s nice and stiff and makes setting alignment easier.

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