2017 Truck Show Winners


  • Vinny MR C10 says:

    Hey brothers!!! I’m flying in from Staten Island New York and just wanted to know how much is the entry fee for walk ins or will i even be able to get a ticket on the day of? I don’t have one now and just wanna make sure I’m not left stranded. I heard a lot about the show hopefully next year i can actually have my truck shipped over to Cali to be entered in the show but this year i can’t wait to just enjoy the show meet a few friends from on line IG and hve a great time and see a bunch of beautiful trucks!!

    • BROTHERS says:

      Hello Vinny. That’s great to hear and we’re excited to have you. Don’t worry, entry to the show is free. However, there is a fee for parking on the grounds. Looking forward to meeting!

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