Building A Cab Lift For A Classic Chevy Truck

Check out this article at Hagerty where they show how to build a cab lift for a classic Chevy truck.

Solitary wrenching can be its own therapy and personality-developing experience but, practically speaking, bigger jobs can present serious obstacles. For centuries, people have built tools to complete tasks otherwise impossible for a single person, and little about that tenacity changes once you’re in the shop.

I picked up a new cab for my 1969 Chevrolet CST/10 this week and needed a way to unload and roll the cab around until I could build a caster-wheel jig for it. These cabs aren’t terribly heavy, but they are difficult to handle without at least three people—and two of us barely got it onto the trailer without banging it up too badly. With an engine hoist and a few boards and screws, relocating the cab became a trivial matter. For today’s Wrenchin’ Wednesday, a DIY cab lift is on the agenda

View the article on Hagerty
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