Classic Truck Wood Bed Floor Fitting, Prepping, Staining and Clear Coat/Sealing – Bedwood / Bed Wood

Dave Welch is a seasoned vet at building Classic Trucks, today he shares his experience in Bed Wood prep, stain and seal (clear coat). First, Dave sets up the wood so that he gets a PERFECT fit, then he talks about wood prep. Next up, some stain options and custom effects, then finally he’ll show off a couple options for the clear coat. Dave Welch is a classic truck Specialist and he’s got plenty of tricks for nearly every project on your classic!


  • Henry says:

    Great video as always I have completed my wood already how every I wanted to pickup on some pointer for next time.

    Thanks Dave


  • Steven Spatola says:

    Being a lifetime amateur woodworker learned by HS shop and family I too worked my own oak kit from Brothers. It was a winter project so time was not hurrying me.
    I sanded my oak with a small sander using 100 grit down to a 400 grit. Be sure to care for all edges and ends. The finer grit will deepen your end products appearance. My body shop installed it for me and applied three coats of clear. Removing the bed by myself was out of the question.
    Always take your time and be deliberate in your application of the best materials. cheap stuff never lasts.

  • Peter says:

    Re: Bed wood replacement, Seen some folks using Trex decking type
    Material. Not a show truck, just for everyday use. More durable than wood?
    Anyone sell precut pieces. Instillation video?

    • BROTHERS says:

      Nobody is doing a pre-cut set that we’re aware of. Interesting concept though, and not the first time we’ve heard someone ask the question.

  • Armando & Graceanne says:

    Great information, Thx.

  • Nice video,, thank you

  • Dave Laveck says:

    What size of hole did you drill?-it looked quite big like 1/2″ maybe

  • Charles Gwinn says:


  • Chris says:

    Wondering if you’ve ever heard of using composite wood (like on decks and park benches) instead of traditional oak or pine for redoing the bed on a 65 Chevy C20. Do you think it would be a viable replacement? Would appreciate your comments just like I appreciate your You Tube videos. Thank you.

    • BROTHERS says:

      We’ve never considered it or seen anyone who tried it, so that new territory. Please let us know if you try it and provide some feedback.

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