Live Auction Highlight: 1961 Chevrolet Apache K20 Pickup 4×4

Every Thursday on our social media platforms, we highlight a Live Auction from the automotive auction website   At the end of the month we choose one of the completed auctions to break down and discuss.  This month we are going to focus on the auction of a 1961 3/4 ton 4wd Chevrolet Truck.  

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Looking for a cool work truck without breaking the bank on a new one?  This 1961 K20 flatbed would be a great addition to anyone’s fleet.  While we like the flatbed for general work situations, an actual long bed would be a great addition to the overall look.   The 235cid inline 6 engine with a 3-speed manual transmission behind it is virtually (maybe literally) bulletproof.  Although it lacks modern amenities (it does have a cassette player), this truck is a workhorse and ready to prove its worth.

The largest selling point for this truck is the 4wd system.  1960 was the first year for in-house 4wd systems from General Motors.  Prior to 1960, all GM 4wd applications were converted 2wd trucks by companies such as NAPCO.  4×4 trucks are relatively rare for the 1960-66 body style and are desirable in working condition. 

Hagerty Insurance offers a free valuation tool on their website so we looked up this truck to see how it compared.  We would classify this truck as a #4 (Fair) condition. Fair vehicles are daily drivers, with flaws visible to the naked eye. The chrome might have pitting or scratches, the windshield might be chipped. Paintwork is imperfect, and perhaps the body has a minor dent. Split seams or a cracked dash, where applicable, might be present. No major parts are missing, but the wheels could differ from the originals, or other non- stock additions might be present.

Hagerty Estimate: $11,800 (K10 Shortbed) 

BROTHERS Pre-Auction Estimate: $17,000

Winning Bid: $15,000 (not including 5% buyers fee)

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