Run To Brothers Truck Show 2019 Recap: Make Memories

by Ronnie Wetch from C10 Talk

Who doesn’t like great weather and their cruising their classic! The Brothers Show and Shine makes for a great excuse to get out the Saturday before and cruise!

Groups from all over have done just that – using the power of social media to link up and turn what was just a normal drive into a fun filled voyage. This year was no different,  groups from Nevada, Arizona, and of course California literally convoyed to central meet up points,  getting ready for the 21st annual Brothers Show and Shine.

From personal experience I can tell you there is a great felling when you are part of a group of enthusiast rolling together as one. The sound of the exhaust, the reward of people waving, giving you thumbs up as they pass by. All your hard work in the shop, the countless hours to get your truck road ready and now your are free – cruising with like minded friends with a common goal. 

Even Fuel stops can be an adventure – everyone checking on one another, “how’s she running?” “everything good?” Bystanders checking out the trucks, enjoying the rolling truck show as 10 plus classic roll into top off. Those same bystanders may have aspirations of building a classic someday and this might be just what they needed to motivate them to make it happen. 

If you are reading this, you are a truck enthusiast – I challenge you to get out there and drive. Get with 3 friends and plan a Saturday trip. Enjoy the looks, the “hey rad truck!” You’ve earned it. Your small Saturday group will most likely grow, as there are more of us out there looking to get behind the wheel of a classic and enjoy the ride. 

Challenge yourself to go further – a county line, a state line, to make that journey as much as the adventure as the destination. 

It’s one thing to get your truck ready for a show, it’s another to know that you are driving it over 200, 500, or even a 1000 miles. Sorry to sound cliche’ but life really is too damn short. Do it!

I will look for you at the next show, and hopefully next years Brothers Show and Shine! 

Remember, make memories along the way! 

by Ronnie Wetch from C10 Talk

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  • Fredrick Rodriguez says:

    As I was reading this, my hopes for a long ride in my 69 Chevy C-10 rose again. I`m proud of what I have accomplished on my truck since 1988 when I bought it, but it seems I just cannot get enough money for body and paint job which it needs so badly. Maybe some day, God willing.

  • Gil G$ Romero says:

    Great article Ronnie , I believe we need to get out more around the community to show our camaraderie of trucks. Meet new friends and share!

    Thanks Gil

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