Sam’s Garage: 1964 Chevy Truck LS Engine Swap / S2:E7-13

Watch along as we go from start to finish doing an LS Engine Swap on our Patina’d 1964 Chevy C10. This video combines 7 Episodes of Sam’s Garage where we took a step-by-step approach to showing how we achieved an LS Conversion on our Classic C10. Great Tip & Tricks for the home builder as well as anyone considering doing an LS Conversion for the first time. In this 7 part video, we covered disassembly, engine mounting, accessory brackets, fuel system, cooling, wiring and EFI before we drove our truck out of the shop for a test ride!


  • Demencio Campos jr says:

    Fantastastic thanks for the tips got a 54 i will try to do the same !!!

  • will you do a ls engine swap on a 52 chevy pickup truck

  • Matthew Kruger says:

    This is perfect, i actually have a 05 GTO LS2 that im dropping in my 66 chevy c20 (I swapped 90s era Chevy C1500 front crossmember and rear end assembly – so that I have disc brakes up front) What does your kit entail. I would like the engine mount kit, I have some of the gto accessories, water pump, pulley & alt. I also have the oem 05 GTO exhaust manifolds (not sure they will work) and ill be swapping in a T56 6speed from a 98 camaro. I have the ECU, coil packs, LS6 intake manifold, LS6 fuel rails/injectors. But ill need to adapt the 05 GTO powersteering pump or utilize the original steering unit, engine mounts to fit the LS2 into the 66 engine bay. So basically i need a engine mount kit (LS2 to 66 C20), trans mount kit (T56 to 66 C20), Ill source a custom drive shaft, Ill also need the radiator kit as well. anything else i might be missing?

  • Barry Haston says:

    Great video I watch the LS swap video Sam’s Garage. This is something that I’m looking to do I’ve got a 1962 GMC short wheelbase and I’m wanting to put a whole seven LS 2 Corvette engine and I need some of the stuff that you were using in the video like engine mounts, manifold,wire hornist and computer , fuel tank, radiator and cooling fans, transmission crossmember, and gages etc. i’m doing a complete restoration so I have gotten everything complete . Frame off . Frame is sandblasted boxed in powder coated got the cab mounted with no print clip on it yet now I’m ready to put the engine in and do the wiring harness so I’ll probably need a whole fuse panel at all. I’m wanting to run AC in this truck. I’ll be using a 700R transmission from a 89 Corvette.

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